There are some industries which don’t put heavy emphasis on grades when hiring. For instance, IT companies have other ways to assess the SME (subject matter expertise) of potentials candidates. Certainly at a certain point in your employment life, most HR manager are not going to be asking you about your grades way back in college. But just after college, grades are something that many employers consider in Germany, when making their judgment of you, when deciding to interview you, or hire you.

Whether your grades reflect a body of useful knowledge or not. By and large most HR in German companies want affirmation of their impression. They look to see if your grades confirm their impression of you. As often if not more often for jobs right out of college your resume gives them a way to feel comfortable or justified in pulling your resume out of the pile.

Getting good grades proves these things to a potential employer

  • You complete your assignments in a satisfactory manner. Excellent grades proves that you complete them in an excellent manner
  • You are reliable, dependable and pay attention to schedule and deadlines
  • You have a reasonable amount of intelligence. Excellent grades in a difficult subject prove a higher level of intelligence
  • Your mental health is good enough for you to function well in society
  • You get along with your peers well enough to function in society

For the most part, everyone who is getting a higher education after university does require good grades in order to qualify for a job or career in the future.

Success does not depend upon your grades. You’ll overcome all the hurdles doesn’t matter what grades you have, provided you have good knowledge and skills.

Obviously your grades doesn’t define what knowledge you have. But most of the companies in Germany determine your work ethic and motivation from your grades. As the companies recruit large number of graduates from different universities and the only distinguishing parameters between all of them is their grades. Grades help you build a strong resume. According to Koffi Atagli a formal SGN-Student, who is now working as an engineer in a prominent German company, grades and knowledge goes at the same pace. If you have enough knowledge you will score good. Understanding the concepts and gaining enough knowledge about the subject will eventually lead you into scoring of good grades. It may take time. But eventually you’ll turn out to be a winner.