You have now survived the whole application maze and completed the process of collecting all the paperwork for visa application. The final big challenge before arriving in Germany will be your visa interview. While this might seem for some students to be an easy task for other it is a big obstacle to get over. Although there’s no need to worry!

A visa interview ist not a job interview. Unlike a job interview, the german student visa interview is more personal and brief. The visa interview is the most important part of the whole visa process. A successful interview could make the grant decision go in your favour. So the following are some mistakes to be aware of during your student visa interview at a german ambassy.

  • Being late: punctuality is a key element. It gives a first impression about you. It could set you off on a bad foot and make the entire process go downhill for you.
  • Inconsistent information: Inconsistencies between the information you provide in your documents and what you say during the interview can lead to visa rejection.
  • Being inadequately prepared for the interview: Before your interview day, try to review commonly asked questions. Here are some frequently asked questions during a student visa interview.
    • Why do you want to study abroad especially  in Germany?
    • Why X university and Y program?
    • How are you going to fund your stay and study in Germany? (ex., Do you have a blocked account confirmation?)
    • Do you already have accommodation?
    • How early (before the semester start) would you like to fly to Germany
  • Arguing with the consulate officer: never ever make any arguments with the consulate officer. If you want some information ask in a polite manner.
  • Not having the appropriate fee: german ambassies have strict payment methods and fee. make sure to know the method and the exact amount of the applicable fee.
  • Appearing to be nervous: Being confident can yield positive results. Make sure you answer confidently, your body language and the authenticity of yours answers must be on point.

In conclusion, as an applicant you can avoid these mistakes and many more by preparing your visa interview thoroughly. Start by reviewing the common asked questions, pay attention to details while submitting your documents. SGN can helps you through the entire process. Set up an appointment if you would like to be prepared for your visa student interview.