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According to recent research, Germany provides great financial support to the students pursuing Masters’s in Germany. Germany in fact is the most supportive country when it comes to education. Every year, more than 250,000 International students opt to study in Germany. This is almost 10% of the total student population that gets enrolled in German Universities. Whether it is a full-time course or a part-time course, foreign students wish to study in the German Institutes because of the benefits that they get such as low tuition fees which are nearly as free for Master’s studies, and outstanding quality of German education. In Germany, there are 409 officially recognized universities that offer nearly 14,500-degree programs, so there are several opportunities to study ms in Germany for Indian students

The prime reason why Germany is holding a fine position after the U.K. and U.S.A. in the field of education is because of low tuition fees or no fees law which comes under the administration of the Government luring foreign students with tight budgets. In addition to this, all the degrees provided by German Institutes, including ms in Germany, are UNESCO and WHO certified and the cost of accommodation is extremely low which makes it even more affordable for the students. As of October 2014, the post-graduation program viz. Master and PhD programs are totally free. There are many scholarship programs as well for the Master’s studies which can really aid students and lift financial burden. A student interested to pursue ms in Germany has to choose mainly from three kinds types of Institutes. The first type is the traditional German institutes whose primary focus is on Research and Development programs. Further, they are subdivided into technical universities and technical colleges. The second kind is the Colleges of Applied Sciences. The focus of these colleges is mainly towards the practical implementation as per the standard of German companies. And, the third kind of institutes is the specialized universities focusing more on particular streams such as arts, theater, film, music, etc.

A number of student-friendly scholarship programs viz. “DAAD Scholarship program”, “German Foundation Scholarship Programs”, “Deutschland Stipendium Scholarship Program” help students in many ways to fulfill their dreams to get a Master’s degree. The Deutschland Stipendium Scholarship program provides financial as well as non-financial supports to students across the globe. Most scholarship programs of Germany help phenomenal students in almost all the participating universities. The scholarship is awarded to all the deserving students and while awarding the scholarship, there is no consideration of one’s personal income, parent’s income, or nationality. If one is talented enough to deserve the scholarship, he would get it. The amount of scholarship given to the students is 300 Euro per month and is granted for at least two semesters. Even though, some students are also awarded scholarships for their entire study period.

Everybody is aware of the fact that in order to have a successful career, it is necessary to have a Master’s degree. Masters in Germany will definitely give a bounce to the career of an individual as a German degree has worldwide recognition. In order to get a Master’s degree from a good university, a student needs proper guidance. They need all the detailed information such as the fee structure for various courses, accommodation provisions, and scholarship programs. It is extremely important to have these things in mind while making a decision. The sole motto of our organization, Study in Germany Now, is to help students to make the right decision and aid them in fulfilling their dreams. We conveniently pave the route for students to successfully study in Germany and achieve all their academic dreams which they ever wanted to.

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Bachelor’s in Germany

Germany has a great reputation when it comes to higher education. They have an extraordinary quality of teaching and research.

Engineering in Germany

German is considered one of the most influential languages across the globe and there are many Germans spoken countries in Europe as well.

MBBS/MD in Germany

Medical Science in Germany has become very advanced when compared to other parts of the world and thus Germany produces the best of doctors.

PHD in Germany

Germany is known for its high-quality research and development, not only in the field of Medical and Engineering but in all the major disciplines.